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Then you are going to love this concept!

Jerk off Instruction vids have been around for quite some time and they are quite popular. If you enjoy those then you might just find this site to be the bee’s knees.

The core concept remains but what you will find to be a massive improvement is that this is live.

So you’re not watching the playback of a recorded scene, this is actually has interaction and therefore it is dynamic. She is actually talking to you and you can talk back to her and make requests and as such the pace of the fantasy and what is being done and how it is being done is the way you would like it that instant.

Furthermore, they have expanded on the PoV concept and added a male model that essentially plays the part of you. This adds greatly to the immersion as he is in your position, creating the perception that it is you receiving all the physical attention.

Honestly, this actually just makes me realise that we need actual sex bots sooner rather than later.

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